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Your portrait session

Here is an overview of a typical project to photograph children and record relationships in a family.

Before our session

We will meet and agree what you are looking for, talk through the most engaging way of working with the subjects, and plan our session together.

On the day

I work entirely on location. For sessions with children, I usually come to your home – where everyone feels comfortable and happy. I work very informally, having as much fun as we can. Sometimes the session will continue in a local park or back garden – whatever will bring out the best expressions and be fun for everyone.

For events and for my work with professional musicians, I work as unintrusively as possible – recognising that the subjects are there to work or enjoy themselves, not to be photographed. I have had extensive experience shooting during live recording sessions when the atmosphere is tense and the photographer cannot cause any delays!


After the session I will work on the images in the digital equivalent of a darkroom – usually spending half a day or more bringing the best out of your images and preparing a set of proofs. Then we will have a session together in our Oxford viewing room, where I have specialist equipment, to review the photos from the session on a large projection screen and talk through options for selecting and presenting your favourite images.

For final production of selected images I go back to my office to work with the chosen images some more. I believe that the quality of the final print is extremely important, and I work with some of the world's finest professional suppliers to make albums, frames, and modern acrylics or metallic prints.

Snapshot photographers are done once they have pressed the shutter; and even many well known photographers just send the digital file over to a lab for factory processing, or have an assistant process it! But for me, capturing an image is only the first stage. I spend hours in the digital equivalent of the darkroom, using traditional printing techniques (dodging and burning, contrast masking, cropping, and so on) to get a good print..


Each project is unique: we try to offer you as much choice as we can, so you will find products you enjoy viewing and keeping.

I usually spend up to half a day on site photographing your family; then further time on postprocessing, album design and making other products. For a large project I will often spend several days making the finished products you have requested, and more working with specialists in final production. High quality materials are used for our finished products, from carefully-chosen suppliers around the world.

Family photography is priced as a session fee (from just £295) plus whatever products (framed images, albums, etc) you decide you want to order once you have seen the images. Prints for the wall start from £149 – the most popular size for a striking feature piece on the wall is a big 16×20 print at £395. Albums start from £600. We do not supply unframed prints or images on CD, as one of the things I am known for is the fine quality of my finished products.

Most clients spend from £1,200 on the session and finished products. We offer a package price of £1,950 which includes the session plus £1,750 of credit towards finished products (eg a 12x12 album, a couple of large wall prints, and a couple of small prints for your desk or in-laws).

Some clients have more modest requirements; some significantly more complex.

You are welcome to come to our client viewing room and look through some samples of finished work.

Commercial photography

For commercial work, rates depend on image licensing arrangements but typically are £750-£1,000 per day (shooting and postprocessing time are charged at this rate).