Beautiful memories, captured beautifully
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Finished products

Portrait photographs with a purpose

I believe family photographs have a purpose – they aren’t just pretty images. I’ll work with you to understand what you want from your pictures, and help you plan to get it.

Here’s what some of my recent portrait clients have wanted:

  • to pause for a moment and record this phase of their life
  • to give each child a little album of memories – photographs of themselves with their parents and siblings
  • to put something beautiful and bright into a sitting room
  • to give a daughter a set of photographs with her mother, who had no photographs remaining of her mother
  • to remember the moment before the children became adults
  • to celebrate a Christening
  • to make a lovely gift to a distant grandparent (and Christmas cards to everyone else)
  • and much more!

Beautiful presentation

Isn’t it sad to see children’s photographs in piles, in a drawer? We’ve all got them – or, perhaps even worse, folders of unfinished images on our computers.

My family portrait clients almost always want me to produce beautiful finished products for them – perhaps a leather-bound album or a large framed print. Or a series of small prints for the mantlepiece and office.

Or my current favourite material, a special super-thin acrylic which floats on the wall – produced for me by a special supplier in Germany to exacting requirements – which will add an exciting focal point to any contemporary house. You can even go BIG!

Memories to keep

Portrait photography is a way of recording memories, relationships, and places which are only with us for brief moments before life moves on. Many of my clients ask me to make a beautiful album which will preserve these moments.

We work with some of the finest specialists to produce our albums - drawing on skills and styles which suit our demanding clients. Currently we have carefully-selected partners based in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Australia and the US, offering a wide range of choices to suit every individual project.

For some, a luxurious, traditional matted album is the best choice. Ours are beautifully made in fine leathers:

For others, something more informal and contemporary may suit.  This album is in a lovely buckram binding, with a modern, simple look.  It is presented in a beige book case, also bound in buckram.  The pages open flat, allowing for a stunning double-page spread.

This one is in orange buckram for an even more bright and sunny effect, presented in a black wood box also bound in buckram.

Or here's something very simple, reflecting the informality of the photographs inside.  It's in apple-green leather with rounded corners and produced in a convenient size for easy browsing:

Choosing what suits you

Some of my clients want the very best, unashamedly high-end products. I can do that. Others want something simple and for a modest budget. I can do that too. What matters is that you get photographs you can use and treasure.