Beautiful memories, captured beautifully
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What's different?

Yes, photographers really are different

There are a lot of children’s photographers and family portrait photographers out there so it may be helpful to highlight what's different here at fatkoala images. We hope this will help you evaluate whether Stephen’s approach is right for you.

What clients say

“Stephen was wonderful with our kids. They made a new friend and we can see that in his pictures.”

“Just fabulous — beautiful photographs in striking frames.”

“What a lovely lovely collection. Awesome.”

“We were delighted with the care and attention lavished on these lovely prints and albums!”

Simple, natural images

“Wonderful … Stephen captured moments that will never be repeated and we will always want to recall.”

“We are still in awe over what you’ve done with the shoots. You’ve perfectly captured our children, and family. And we will treasure these memories forever.”

I work with natural light, photographing people in their natural context. I am not a “studio” photographer — nor do I bring a studio to your home. No lighting rigs, powerful flashes, silly props, backdrops or stepladders! Just people, as they really are.

Working entirely with Leica equipment (some of the finest cameras and lenses in the world), I get up close and engage with my subjects.

Taking the time to capture relationships and emotion

“Intimacy and spontaneity … I have never before been so emotionally overwhelmed by a set of photographs.”

For family and children’s portraiture, my goal is to help you capture a range of memories which will help you to document this point in your life.

I will invest the time to get you a range of images. I usually take at least half a day to photograph a family. We need to relax, to let things happen, to give time to see relationships and emotions. Sometimes if we are having fun, or if we are building an album to tell a story, we might take the whole day.

I only undertake a limited number of commissions, and each project is customised to your needs. Often I will take several days (or more) behind the scenes, working the images in the digital equivalent of a darkroom, and designing page layouts to bring the best from your photographs. I take my time and will never be rushing to the next client or taking shortcuts with your images.

Attention to the end product

“I am blown away. Extraordinary photos. … The light and clarity on some of the black and whites and the colours and artistic nature … all of them … amazing … truly outstanding.”

“Your acrylics are fantastic and would look great in the finest of houses.”

“I have been able to give each of my children their own beautiful, personal set of memories. Your albums will preserve this time in our lives for them.”

I believe photographs have a purpose. I shoot images that will be printed (sometimes very large!), treasured, looked at for many years.

Through a carefully-selected range of suppliers around the world, I am able to respond to clients who have complex, demanding, "high-end" requirements - as well as those seeking more modest finished products.

These are your memories: enjoy them!